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Local Development Network of the Carpathian Euroregion – Opportunities for Ukraine 2013-2014

The project is led by the Association of self-governments "Euroregion Carpathians - Ukraine" ( and is implemented together with project partners from V4 countries: The Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland (Poland), Regional Development Agency Svidnik (Slovak Republic) and Regional Development Agency (Czech Republic)

PROJECT AIM - creation of preconditions for system local development in Ukrainian part of the Carpathian Euroregion by strengthening the role of local development agencies and using experience of Visegrad border regions.

DONOR: The project is supported by International Visegrad Fund within the Visegrad 4 Eastern Partnership Extended Standard Grants pro­gram.

Project partners:

The Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland (Poland) -

Regional Development Agency Svidnik (Slovak Republic) -

Regional Development Agency (Czech Republic) -


OBJECTIVES: the project goal set for by the project partners will be achieved through:

-       use best European practices for local development agencies in border mountain regions of Ukraine;

-       improving the professional level of Ukrainian local development agencies representatives;

-       developing system approach to cooperation of local development agencies agencies and local authorities to address local development problems

-       network creation .

CONCEPT: The regions where the project partners act are border regions and can be regardered as underdeveloped. But Polish, Slovak and Czech border regions' authorities are managing to solve the local development problems by using the instrument of cooperation with local development agencies. In Ukraine during the last decade huge number of local development agencies was created (only in Lviv region there are registered over 100 local development agencies). But such institutions are weak organizationally and financially and lack professional personnel, system vision of further development and marketing strategy. Strengthening local development agencies will facilitate cooperation between communities, NGO and authorities and foster sustainable development.I t should be mentioned that strengthening of civil society organizations is one the the Eastern Partnership priorities. That is why this project is the first try to strengthen local NGOs in the Western part of Ukraine (3 border regions) by using the experience of strong in local development issues partners from Poland, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

Project aims at using the experience of Visegrad countries border regions on issues of local development agencies development in order to enhance the impact of Ukrainian institutions on local development policy, strengthening their sustainability by enhancing their management, communication and fundraising skills and creation local development network of cooperation of the Carpathian region.


ACTIVITIES: the project objectives will be achieved through the following activities:

By means of conducting opening conference, organizing study visit to Poland and Slovak Republic, seminars and workshops for Ukrainian local development agencies representatives, development strategic plans for 3 Ukrainian local development agencies, publications of analyses and recommendations for the Ukrainian local development agencies and promotional activities, the network of Ukrainian local development agencies will be created and then the regional development network of the Carpathian Euroregion will be expanded by the Ukrainian partner.


- 4 analyses conducted and 1 recommendations developed,

-200 units of 80 pages digest printed and disseminated,

-1 conference presenting project organized(40 persons)

-4-day study visit for 20 persons organized,

-60 persons trained during 3 seminars,

-105 persons trained during 7 workshops,

-1 contest on strategic plans development for local development agencies conducted, 3 winners chosen, 3 strategic plans developed,

-50 leaflets for 50 local development agencies printed containing information on their cooperation and project proposals,

-1 final conference organized,

-1 local development network of 50 institutions created,

-Ukrainian local development agencies database created,

-1 subsite created,

-2 press conferences organized,

-1 promotional roll-up and 255 set of gadgets produced.



Project will contribute to improvement of situation for target groups as follows:

1) by creating network of cooperation and database of Ukrainian local development agencies;

2) by developing recommendations that can be used throughout Ukraine;

3) by improving qualification of local development agencies representatives;

4) by promoting best practices of local development of Vishegrad countries in Ukraine$



Halyna Lytvyn

executive director, Association of self-governments "Euroregion Carpathians - Ukraine"

79008, Lviv, Vynnychenka Str., 18

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